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December/January Issue of The Capital Kiwanian Now Available - 12/01/2017
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Capital District Delegates Elect 2017-18 Governor and Governor-Elect - 03/19/2017

Delegates of the 2017 House of Delegates of the Capital District Kiwanis Convention unanimously elected Jon Rife of the Grundy club to serve as 2017-2018 Governor and John Morris of the Richmond club to serve as 2017-2018 Governor-Elect. 

Call to Convention 2017 - 01/11/2017

Click on the link for access to the 2017 Call to Convention and Delegates and Alternates Form. Forms must be returned by March 3, 2017.

John Morris Nominated for 2017-2018 Governor-Elect - 01/02/2017

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond has nominated Past Trustee John S. Morris III for the office of Governor Elect for 2017-2018.

Capital District Aktion Club Training and Leadership Conference Scores Big - 07/25/2016

Click here to a view a recap video of the weekend.

Capital District Approves $3 million pledge for The Eliminate Project - 04/10/2015

Delegates at the 97th Annual Capital District Kiwanis Convention in Roanoke, Virginia passed a resolution pledging their fair share membership goal of just under US $3 million to The Eliminate Project over the course of the next five years.    This pledge will save or protect over 1.7 million women and their future babies.    

The Capital District of Kiwanis has already raised US$1.75 million in cash and pledges to date and including the US$250,000 pledge made by the Capital District of Key Club at their convention in March, brings the remaining total in our new pledge to roughly $1 million.