Message from the 2017-2018 Governor
Jon Rife

I would like to take a few minutes to welcome all of our Capital District Kiwanians to the 100th Anniversary year!  I am so honored and humbled for the opportunity to help lead our great District.  We will celebrate our 100th Anniversary in Reston, VA on August 17-19, 2018.  Mark that date now and plan to attend.  DCON chair April Gassler has created a facebook page—100th Annual Capital District Kiwanis Convention.  Please like it and share it!  April has a “Trivia Tuesday” question on Capital District past events.  Our hope is to get all clubs excited and involved with this once in a life time 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Congratulations to Past Governor Kelly Boswell for all her hard work this past year.  The many hours and miles traveled is a testament of Kelly’s passion and dedication to our Kiwanis family.  I also want to thank PG David Heppner for all his encouragement.  His mentorship during my term as SWVA Region Trustee greatly helped me.  Also I learned much as I served as his chair of Long Range Planning when he was Capital District Governor.  The knowledge I gained during those five years helped prepare me for this journey as your Capital District Governor!

My motto is “Learning from the past, preparing for the future.”  I feel so fortunate to have served as trustee under PG Jeffrey Wolff, PG Carolyn Richar, PG Scott Zimmerman and  PG Brian Bell.  As PG Carolyn said, “We have many challenges and opportunities in front of us.”  PG Scott said, “Thanks to every Kiwanian in our Capital District who has been willing to step up to lead others and do the important work associated with serving the children of the world.”  As PG Brian mentioned, “We should proudly reflect on the past successes and accomplishments of our great organization and what your club has meant to your community.”  As PG David mentioned, “We have vast opportunities before us.  The tools to help each of us achieve our goals are available through our district leadership.  As immediate PG Kelly says, “We must plan now to ensure that Kiwanis—and most important, the children and communities we serve—flourish long into the future.

I have shared my vision, my goals, my strategy and my tactics to accomplish my goals.  I will now share them with all Capital Kiwanians!  My vision is for our Capital District to be a positive influence in our communities.  My goals are to build a membership network throughout our Capital District and to open seven new clubs during my administration year-10/1/2017 to 9/30/2018.  My strategy to accomplish my goals of seven new clubs is for each region to open one club, and my region of SWVA to open two clubs.

 My tactic to accomplish this would be to have each Trustee to be Region Coordinator for the Formula under the leadership of chair Missy Zimmerman and co-chair Scott Zimmerman.  Each division would have one club opener and two club coaches; each Trustee would work closely with division LTGs.

 My team, “The Rife Stuff” is based loosely on the book The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe (no kin to Jeff!).  In this true to life story, our country was in a race to space with Russia.  This was a new frontier and the science did not exist to accomplish this.  Our best engineers and scientists said the sound barrier could not be broken.  Yet many brave test pilots risked their lives to do what had never been done—to fly higher, faster, and farther than thought possible.  They possessed the mental, physical, and emotional characteristics to do the impossible. They had the “Right Stuff.”

I am so proud of our 17 LTGs and six Trustees.  I am convinced this “Rife Stuff Team” can reverse a 25 plus years of declining membership and clubs:  from 10,119 members and 235 clubs in 1991-92 to presently about 4,697 members and 141 clubs.  We have a detailed Game Plan for each region to attain the goal of opening clubs.  Our “Rife Stuff Team” include our 17 LTGs, who are responsible to serve their division, strengthen their clubs, and grow their members; to our six Trustees who will work closely with respective LTG’s and be regional coordinators for the Formula under Chair Missy Zimmerman; and to our Board members:  Tom Varner, Secretary/Treasurer; PG Kelly Boswell; and Governor-Elect John Morris are here to serve the members of our great Capital District.

Let’s dream big, focus, and have fun as we achieve our goals.