Kiwanis International is the best service organization in the world.  Having celebrated 100 years of service to our local communities and children everywhere in 2015, we are looking forward to another hundred years and beyond.  Only there’s a problem.  As a global organization we are shrinking at an alarming pace.  One of the best depictions of this sad news was featured in the “Kiwanis Magazine” in January of 2017.

I remember attending the Kiwanis International Convention in 2005.  With our 100th birthday celebration just ten years away, people who were already watching the big picture numbers had cause for concern.  A push to reach one million members (counting Service Leadership Programs) was started and at that time, it seemed possible. 

As time went on and overall membership numbers continued to decline it was decided stronger measures were needed.  Not because Kiwanis is all about the head count.  But because Kiwanis is all about the children!  Did you know that, for every pair of Kiwanis hands, the lives of 204 children are positively affected?  How many people are in your club?  15? 30? 50?  A club of just 15 members directly supports the lives of 3,060 children EVERY YEAR!

The Formula is a structured way to help clubs understand the importance of what we do in our communities, and around the world.  It’s a treasure trove of ideas, step-by-step guides, promotional materials and tools that can help you strengthen your club or even build a new one. 

The Formula is looking for highly focused and organized planners to help build new clubs (Club Openers) and passionate, experienced mentors (Club Counsellors) to identify our strengths and weaknesses and bring their skills to the places where they are needed most.  Do we have a club that seems stuck?  Unable to attract new members, feeling tired and unable to carry on?  Do we have an area within the Capital District that doesn’t have Kiwanis, so that children and adults with disabilities in that area don’t benefit from K-Kids, Builders Clubs, Terrific Kinds, BUG, Key Club, CKI or AKtion Club? 

Do you want to help bring those clubs in distress back to health and vigor?  Do you want to see that what Kiwanis has to offer is available to children in a neighborhood near yours where currently there is no Kiwanis?  Then Sign On to The Formula!

Go to for tools, tips, training, resources or contact your District Formula Chair and Vice-Chair:

Missy Zimmerman, Formula Chair and Scott Zimmerman, Vice-Chair, (757) 258-5109 or